WEET Axial Ceramic Resistor Carbon Film Resistor and Metal Film Precision Resistors For Audio Applications

WEET is glad to inform all the cusotmer that we are able to provide a wide range of Resistor, which including Carbon Film Resistor, Metal Film Precision Resistor, Metal Oxide Resistor, Fusible Resistor, Wire Wound Resistor, High Precision Metal Film Leaded Resistor,Metal Film Leaded Precision Resistor, Precision Compact Size Resistor Networks (UPSC), Jumper Wire Resistor, Low Value Wire Resistor, Metal Galazed Resistor, Melf Carbon Film Resistor, Melf Metal Film Resistor, Cement Resistor, Ceramic Resisotrs, Non-Flammable Wire-Wound Power Resistor, Aluminum Housed Wirewound Resistor, Metal Clad Wirewound Resistor

Cross reference to : Jantzen Audio MOX-Resistors and Ceramic-Resistors




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