WMW and WHM capacitors are our top selling products. WEET is specialized in audio capacitors, the best solution for your audio applications. 



WEET WMW Pure Copper Foil and WMH Aluminum Foil Polypropylene Film Capacitors Customer Testimonial


I will test your aluminum and copper capacitors for 100 hours and write my opinion . 

I liked both types of WEET Capacitors, both aluminum foil WMH and copper foil WMW for their sound neutrality. Caps with aluminum foil WMH are an absolutely bargain!

Copper foil capacitors WMW create music with a great sense of realism, with a good balance between transparency and timbre.Excellent ratio of sound performance to cost !

Undoubtedly ,these will find your rightful place along with Jupiter and Jantzen, which , however are much more expensive. WEET Capacitors, Highly recommended !

--- From Alex Tsoupikov, Italy

WEET WMH Aluminum Foil and Film Audio Capacitors in Tweeter Crossover Network Customer Test Review


WMH in there sound signature is very similar to Alumen capacitors with similar instrument timbre. The sound attack is stronger on Alumens (more edgy), WMH are smoother but only little bit. Main difference is in tonal balance. Where AlumenI could call dark capacitor, the WMH are neutral. Because there are slightly brighter so there are more spacious. Sound stage is wider but Alumen sound stage is a bit deeper.Jupiter is more spacious than this two, more smooth and the timber is even better but it is clearly more expensive capacitor. Clarity Cap CMR is brighter in this comparison with very wide sound stage and lots of detail in highest frequencies but clearly tone and instrument timbre it’s not the same level as the aluminium capacitors. 

In direct comparison sounds a bit plastic. Mundorf Supreme EVO Oil it’s totally not my taste. They doesn’t sound right. Because there too bright on top end and timbre is very artificial and too sweet. The other caps are not in the same league as those I mentioned above. 

So my conclusion is that WMH are absolutelygreat capsinthereprice range. No brainer. In my opinion, of course. 

--- From Rafal Broncel, Ireland

WEET WMM Bi-polar DF 5% Alum.Elec.Capacitor, WMH Aluminum Foil and Film, WMC WME MKP Yellow Audio Capacitors Test Reviews


We would first like to thank WEET for their excellent communication and speedy delivery. All capacitors arrived in perfect condition, and the physical quality is excellent, with neat soldering, tape-wraps and well-crafted materials.

WMM: These very compact capacitors are ideal when large values are needed in a small space. Due to the higher ESR, a bipolar electrolytic capacitor is not usually an exact ‘drop in’ for a film capacitor in an existing crossover design, but are useful if the resistance can be accounted for in the design.

WMC: The WMC is a compact, inexpensive metallised polypropylene (MKP) type capacitor, and have slightly better performance than metallised polyester types.

WME: The WME, like the WMC, is very compact, with an attractive white tape wrap. Performance and character are quite similar, but subjectively it appears to make further gains in transients through the crossover range where the capacitor has its greatest influence on the sound

WMH: A lengthy axial film and aluminium foil capacitor, the WMH is aimed at the high frequency network of expensive loudspeaker designs. The size, weight and appearance are all impressive and give an excellent‘static value’ impression.

--- From Mr Stefan Whatcott, United Kingdom

WEET 14 pcs WMH Aluminum Foil Film Met PP 10.0uF 100V +/-3% 28x85 Axial RoHS

Measured 5 of them (WMH) and they had a very good tolerance. 10.15 , 10.14, 10.145  were the first three. Very please with tolerance.

--- From James Plumb, USA

WEET WMW 18 pcs of 2.2uF  ±5% 100V Copper Foil Film Capacitors

I can confirm that i like your copper foil caps. I have not compared with other brands, on the same place, but these sounds great.

--- From Lars STÅHL, Sweden

WEET WMH 100VDC 10.0uF +/-3% Pure Aluminum Foil Capacitor
Hello again.I recived parcel yesterday. Alleredy I mount one pair of yours capasitors i midrange circut.

Your capasitors plays allredy about 10 hours and I find this very promissing!
I had before jantzen alumen but on some others speakers. Yours capasitors sounds exactly the same on this moment. Thats why I hope that after burn-in process will be even better. I have an idea to use your WMH capasitor in complete midrange circut.  
--- From Chamczyk Mateusz,Norway