WEET WMH Aluminum Foil and Film Audio Capacitors in Tweeter Crossover Speaker Network Customer Test Review

WMH in there sound signature is very similar to Alumen capacitors with similar instrument timbre. 

The sound attack is stronger on Alumens (more edgy), WMH are smoother but only little bit. Main difference is in tonal balance. 

Where Alumen I could call dark capacitor, the WMH are neutral. 

Because there are slightly brighter so there are more spacious. Sound stage is wider but Alumen sound stage is a bit deeper. 

Jupiter is more spacious than this two, more smooth and the timber is even better but it is clearly more expensive capacitor. 

Clarity Cap CMR is brighter in this comparison with very wide sound stage and lots of detail in highest frequencies but clearly tone and instrument timbre it’s not the same level as the aluminium capacitors. 

In direct comparison sounds a bit plastic. Mundorf Supreme EVO Oil it’s totally not my taste. 

They doesn’t sound right. Because there too bright on top end and timbre is very artificial and too sweet. 

The other caps are not in the same league as those I mentioned above. 

So my conclusion is that WMH are absolutely great caps in thereprice range. 

No brainer. In my opinion, of course.

 --- From Rafal Broncel, Ireland

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