WMH - Pure Aluminum Foil Audio Capacitor 

WEET WMH Pure Aluminum Foil Capacitor Cross Reference to Jantzen Audio Alumen Z Cap and home HiEnd Capacitors

WEET WMH Pure Aluminum Foil Capacitor Cross Reference to Jantzen Audio Alumen Z Cap and home HiEnd Capacitors

WEET WMH MusiCaps are constructed using separate layers of premium foil and polypropylene films, rather than the vapor deposited metallized film used by most other manufacturers. Film-plus-foil construction requires more costly materials and result in MusiCaps being approximately 100% larger than typical metallized-film capacitors, yet the benefits are immediately discernible.

It is with regret that Hovland MusiCap in USA have announced that they are no longer making their Musicap Film and Foil Capacitors as a result of increased production prices and lead times for materials used. WEET WMH Pure Aluminum Foil and Foil Capacitor is the best replacement for it. Please check more information as below: 



WMH Series Marking Change Notification Effective from September 1st, 2023 until further notice:


WEET WMH Aluminum Foil and Film Audio Capacitors in Tweeter Crossover Network Customer Test Review (Recommended



Top of the range pure aluminum foil capacitor

Very Low Dielectric absorption factor

Very Low Dissipation factor, Very Low ESR, Very Low Inductance

A luxury capacitor designed especially for modern high-end tweeters and mid-range drivers


Passive flammabilityGB10191-88    IEC384-16
Operating temperature-55℃~+85℃
Capacitance range1~10uF
Capacitance tolerance±3%、±5% 1KHz
Rated voltage100V、200V.DC
Withstand voltage1.6VR 5S
Dissipation factor≤0.0005 1KHz
Insulate the electric resistanceCR≤0.33μF,    I.R≥15,000MΩ
CR>0.33μF, I.R≥5,000S 
Leads Diameter0.8 1.0 Tinned Pure  Copper Wire

WMH Pure Aluminum Foil and Film Polypropylene Capacitors AxialStock Pcs
WMH Aluminum Foil Film PP 1.5uF 100V ±5% 17x50mm Axial RoHS100
WMH Aluminum Foil Film PP 2.0uF 100V ±5% 16x58mm Axial RoHS100
WMH Aluminum Foil Film PP 2.2uF 100V ±5% 17x58mm Axial RoHS100
WMH Aluminum Foil Film PP 2.7uF 100V ±5% 18x58mm Axial RoHS100
WMH Aluminum Foil Film PP 3.3uF 100V ±5% 18x75mm Axial RoHS100
WMH Aluminum Foil Film PP 3.9uF 100V ±5% 19x75mm Axial RoHS100
WMH Aluminum Foil Film PP 4.7uF 100V ±5% 21x75mm Axial RoHS100
WMH Aluminum Foil Film PP 5.6uF 100V ±5% 22x75mm Axial RoHS100
WMH Aluminum Foil Film PP 6.8uF 100V ±5% 23x85mm Axial RoHS100
WMH Aluminum Foil Film PP 8.2uF 100V ±5% 25x85mm Axial RoHS100
WMH Aluminum Foil Film PP 10.0uF 100V ±5% 28x85mm Axial RoHS100

Product Description 

It utilizes a much thinner dielectric insulation compared to the market standard. A high voltage rating is not needed for application related to passive loudspeaker crossovers. Ideal for audio aficionados who prefer a slightly less bright system, while also hearing improvements in the overall naturalness/neutrality of the whole system. High quality pure aluminum foil wound with highly specialized machinery and precision winding techniques . 

Customer Reviews

The physical size and shape of the WEET WMH is very similar to that of the Jantzen Audio Alumen Z-Cap 100VDC and Cicada Pure Aluminium Foil 100VDC.The WMH has a clear top end, more detailed than that of the Alumen Z-Cap but therefore less smooth. Compared to the Cicada Pure Aluminium Foil, the WMH Aluminum Foil and Metallized Polypropylene is far more open and clear, it just sounds less closed-in. Vocal with the WMH have more richness making the Supreme Classic sound a little forward, a little more in your face. All in all, WMH is reasonably neutral and very usable capacitor.

Winding: Aluminum foil spliced to polypropylene insulation film. (a layer of pure Aluminum foil and a layer of PP film).
Separate layers of polypropylene film & conductive foil deliver superiors clarity of reproduction that metalized capacitors can not.


Capacitance, Voltage and DF testing Result
Note: DF value is proportional to the capacitors size and values of capacitance