WEET WMR to Replace Jantzen Cross Cap Metalized Polypropylene Zinc and Aluminum Foil Capacitors

WMR is constructed with a good quality aluminum and zinc based metalized polypropylene foil as medium and electrode,
wrapped and sealed with flame-retardant plastic and epoxy resin. With high reliability, high temperature-resistance, small volume, large capacity and good self-healing property.

A great multipurpose entry-level audiophile capacitor

Virtually free of distortion and delivers a pleasant and rather neutral sonic profile.


Capacitor foil: Polypropylene foil metalized with Zinc (Zn) and Aluminium (Al)

Dielectric insulation: Polypropylene film Terminal leads: Tinned 4N copper wire Voltage rating: 400 VDC / 250 VAC

Working Temperature Range: -40C to + 85C

Capacitance tolerance: +/- 5%




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Phone: + 86 13925700687


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