WEET Audio Speaker and Power Amps Manufacturer Congratulations on the Work with WMW Capacitors

Congratulations on your work with capacitors!

WEET WMW 0.47uF and 2.2uF 100V pure copper foil capacitors 

We compared your capacitors to Jantzen Alumen 2.2uF (aluminum foil

capacitor) and Miflex KPCU 0.47uF copper foil capacitor. The Weet pure

copper foil capacitors proved themself in both cases. In our system, our

opinion is that Weet capacitors are more natural than both the Miflex

and the Jantzen capacitors, while providing highly detailed audio

performance. Compared to Miflex, WeeT caps have less coloring and warmer

sound. We like the Jantzen Alumen for it's solid bass performance, but

the WeeT cap can do the same, and more detail in every frequency.


Unfortunately we do not have copper foil capacitors from Jantzen at the

moment, that test would be interesting. But since Jantzen and Miflex

copper foil capacitors are rated similarly, we are confident that Weet

caps are our best choice.


So the point is, we are very happy with your product, and we will order

from you next time, too :) Please give us some time to start our

production and have some income. We will also be interested in your

resistors and higher capacitance capacitors.




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