WMN BP DF 5% 120HZ Alum.Elec.Cap.

WEET WMN BP Axial Bi polar 120HZ DF 5% Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors For Audio and Speaker System

WEET WMN BP Axial Bi polar 120HZ Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors For Audio and Speaker System




Low Dissipation Factor, MAX 5% at 120Hz, Bi-Polarized,105℃ 1000 hours
Specially produced for Cross-Over Networks with high fidelity audio system
High-quality crossover non-polar aluminum electrolytic capacitors
Product mainly used: audio converters and dividers (partials), Audio amp,  automotive electronics products, speaker.

Note 1:Other Dissipation Factor 3%, 4%, 6%, 7%, 8%, 9%, 10%, 12% are available on request.
Note 2:The sleeve (PET) color of the product differs from batch to batch, so there will be slight color difference. Thank you.
Note 3:Radial Bi-polar 1KHZ DF 5% Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors available on request.


Operating  Temperature Range (℃):-40℃ ~ +105℃
Capacitance Tolerance :±10% ( K ) at 1KHZ,±5% on request
Voltage Range:50V, 100V.DC
Leakage Current:MAX. 0.03CV + 3μA  After 5    minutes application of rated working voltage
Load Life:After 1,000 hours application of    rated voltage at 105 ±2℃, capacitors meet the    characteristics requirement listed at right.
(a)  Capacitance change: Within ±25% of initial
(b) Tan δ:200% or less of initial specified
(c)  Leakage current : Install specified value or less
MAX  Dissipation Factor:MAX 5% at 120Hz

Popular Items cross reference to Visaton brand. 


" I received all items in perfect condition a week ago. I did some tests on WMM series and they perform very well, much better than the Visaton brand."

 --- Comment by Stanislav Nadelyaev from Russia

WEET WMM 1000H 105°C, DF at Max 5% 1KHz BP Axial Ecap
15uF ±10% 50V OD:L: 13*27mm
22uF ±10% 50V OD:L: 13*27mm
33uF ±10% 50V OD:L: 13*31mm
47uF ±10% 50V OD:L: 13*31mm
68uF ±10% 50V OD:L: 16*34mm
82uF ±10% 50V OD:L: 16*34mm
100uF ±10% 50V OD:L: 16*34mm
150uF ±10% 50V OD:L: 16*43mm
220uF ±10% 50V OD:L: 18*44mm
WEET WMN 1000H 105°C, DF at Max 5% 120Hz BP Axial Ecap
330uF ±10% 50V OD:L: 18*44mm
470uF ±10% 50V OD:L: 22*45mm