WMM- Bi-polar DF 5% Alum.Elec.Capacitor

WEET WMM BP AXIAL Bi-polar 1KHZ DF 5% Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors for Audio and Speaker System

WEET WMM BP AXIAL Bi-polar 1KHZ DF 5% Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors for Audio and Speaker System




Low Dissipation Factor, MAX 5% at 1KHz
Specially produced for Cross-Over Networks with high fidelity audio system
High-quality crossover non-polar aluminum electrolytic capacitors
Product mainly used: audio converters and dividers (partials), Audio amp,  automotive electronics products, speaker.

Note 1:Other Dissipation Factor 3%, 4%, 6%, 7%, 8%, 9%, 10%, 12% are available on request.
Note 2:The sleeve (PET) color of the product differs from batch to batch, so there will be slight color difference. Thank you.
Note 3:Radial Bi-polar 1KHZ DF 5% Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors available on request.


Operating  Temperature Range (℃):-40℃ ~ +105℃
Capacitance Tolerance :±10% ( K ) at 1KHZ,±5% on request
Voltage Range:50V, 100V.DC
Leakage Current:MAX. 0.03CV + 3μA  After 5    minutes application of rated working voltage
Load Life:After 1,000 hours application of    rated voltage at 105 ±2℃, capacitors meet the    characteristics requirement listed at right.
(a)  Capacitance change: Within ±25% of initial
(b) Tan δ:200% or less of initial specified
(c)  Leakage current : Install specified value or less
MAX  Dissipation Factor:MAX 5% at 1KHz

Bi-polar NP Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors (Radial and Axial) Size Variability

Usually these is no standard size for NP type Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors, we are more preferable to custom the size according to customer requirement, or WEET help o design the size based on customer application parameter. Here we would like to give an example on the size variability of WMM capacitors among different DF values.

22uF 100V +/-5% ,DF 6% ,10*15mm, Radial Non-polar
22uF 100V +/-5% ,DF 6% ,10*19mm, Axial Non-polar
22uF 100V +/-5% ,DF 5% ,10*24mm, Axial Non-polar
22uF 100V +/-5% ,DF 5% ,13*27mm, Axial Non-polar
22uF 100V +/-5% ,DF 4% ,13*32mm, Axial Non-polar

Capacitance, Voltage and DF testing Result

Note: DF value is proportional to the capacitors size and values of capacitance


Popular Items cross reference to Visaton brand. 


" I received all items in perfect condition a week ago. I did some tests on WMM series and they perform very well, much better than the Visaton brand."

 --- Comment by Stanislav Nadelyaev from Russia

WEET WMM 1000H 105°C, DF at Max 5% 1KHz BP Axial Ecap
15uF ±10% 50V OD:L: 13*27mm
22uF ±10% 50V OD:L: 13*27mm
33uF ±10% 50V OD:L: 13*31mm
47uF ±10% 50V OD:L: 13*31mm
68uF ±10% 50V OD:L: 16*34mm
82uF ±10% 50V OD:L: 16*34mm
100uF ±10% 50V OD:L: 16*34mm
150uF ±10% 50V OD:L: 16*43mm
220uF ±10% 50V OD:L: 18*44mm
WEET WMN 1000H 105°C, DF at Max 5% 120Hz BP Axial Ecap
330uF ±10% 50V OD:L: 18*44mm
470uF ±10% 50V OD:L: 22*45mm