WEET WME Premium Music Film MKP Capacitance Tolerance ±2% Coupling and Decoupling High End Crossover Capacitors

WEET is proud to announce that after a time of evaluation, we are able to provide 1% or 2% of tolerance MKP audio capacitors in mass production with smaller size and lower voltage

Check details at our datasheet:

Polypropilene 1uF~100uF 50V 100V Audio capacitors, (1% or 2% of tolerance for filters, 5% general use), low ESR-ESL, rated voltage at 16V to 50V, for circuits with Audio Op Amps or JFets, working at low voltages.

At the moment, this kind of capacitors are not available on the market and this is a matter I often see discussed on the forums, I mean the lack in 2022 of such low voltage polypropylene audio capacitors in small size.

 It's very good to know about your future production of MKP 2% or 1% polypropylene audio caps, low voltage and with many values, I've read over 60 in the list. You will be the only one on the market to offer this vast choice.

Regarding polypropylene at 1% and 2% of tolerance, for use in RIAA type filters, you know, of these low tolerances, low voltages, only Russian military capacitors produced thirty or more years ago can be found on the net, Of recent production, there is nothing available.

The RIAA filter to play the Long Playings needs components with very low tolerance values, otherwise the reproduced curve is not faithful. 

We have no problems with resistors, today they produce them with tolerances of ± 0.5% and ± 0.1%. The problem arises with capacitors. 

Tolerances below ± 2% are not easy to find. I have attached the filter diagram and the frequency response graph. 

There are three basic points in the graph; 50Hz, 500Hz, 2122Hz. If the values of the passive components of the filter are not accurate, the frequencies above are not respected.

For this reason capacitors below ± 2% are more than necessary. Polypropylene capacitors are the most suitable for this use together with those with Teflon or Polystyrene film.




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