WEET HiFi Audio Aluminum Foil Capacitor Non-Polar and Polarized 500V Aluminum Electrolytic Axial Capacitors

WEET HiFi Audio Aluminum Foil Capacitor, Non-Polar 2000H Aluminum Electrolytic Axial Capacitors, Polarized 500V 5000H Aluminum Electrolytic Axial Capacitors

Package: horizontal (axial core piercing) electrolytic capacitor

Polarity: nonpolar, polar (BP bipolar, NP nonpolar)

Size diameter: Φ 5mm to Φ 25mm

Height (length): 11mm to 52mm

Voltage: 25V to 500V

Temperature: -40 ℃ to + 105 ℃

Capacitance: 0.5uF to 4700uF

Service life: 1000 hrs to 5000 hrs

Characteristics of electrolytic capacitor: from ordinary to special (high frequency low impedance electrolytic capacitor, special size electrolytic capacitor)

Applications: The products are mainly used in communication products (power supply, main polar plate), audio and frequency dividers (sound dividers), audio power amplifiers, automotive electronics and other products, speakers, speakers and household appliances.

The electrodeless capacitor of the speaker tweeter has no polarity requirements and can work at a relatively high frequency



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