WEET Hand Made Cement Ceramic Resisotrs SQM SQP and SQZ Non-Flammable and Heat Resistant Audio Grade 10W 15W 20W

Cement ceramic resistor is a resistor sealed with refractory mud (commonly known as cement, actually not cement). 

The outer side of the cement resistance is mainly made of ceramic materials (generally divided into high alumina porcelain and feldspar porcelain).

The cement resistance is made by winding the resistance wire on the alkali free heat-resistant porcelain, 

adding heat-resistant, moisture-resistant and corrosion-resistant materials to protect and fix it, 

putting the wound resistance body into the square porcelain frame, and filling and sealing it with special non combustible heat-resistant cement.

Cement resistors include ordinary cement resistors and cement wire wound resistors. 

Cement resistor is a kind of wire wound resistor, which belongs to the resistance with large power and can allow large current to pass through.

Its function is the same as that of general resistance, but it can be used in occasions with large current, such as series connection with the motor to limit the starting current of the motor, and the resistance value is generally small.

Cement resistors are widely used in power adapters, audio equipment, audio frequency dividers, instruments, meters, televisions, automobiles and other equipment due to their large size, shock resistance, moisture resistance, heat resistance, good heat dissipation and low price.

Cement resistors are usually used in occasions with high power and high current, such as 2W, 3W, 5W, 10W or even higher power, such as air conditioners, televisions and other electrical appliances with power above 100 watts. Cement resistors are basically used.

Cement Resistors Characteristic:

1. Shock resistance, moisture resistance, heat resistance, good heat dissipation, low price and other characteristics.

2. Fully insulated, suitable for printed circuit boards.

3. The wire is wound on the porcelain rod and then the joint is welded to make the accurate resistance value and prolong the service life.

4. The high resistance value is made of metal oxide film (MO) instead of winding.

5. Excellent heat resistance, low resistance temperature coefficient, linear change.

6. Resistance to short-time overload, low noise, resistance value has no change over the years.

7. Good explosion-proof performance and protection.



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