WEET WMW Pure Copper Foil and WMH Aluminum Foil Polypropylene Film Capacitors Customer Testimonial

Firstly, we would like to say great thanks to our kind customer Mr. Alex Tsoupikov, he found WEET on internet and ordered our highest level audio capacitors at once.

Now he came back to us with his testing findings, we think it is an interesting thing to share with you, if you are also looking for high end audio capacitors for your crossover or tweeter applications. 


I will test your aluminum and copper capacitors for 100 hours and write my opinion . I liked both types of WEET capacitors, both aluminum foil WMH and copper foil WMW for their sound neutrality. Caps with aluminum foil WMH are an absolutely bargain! Copper foil capacitors WMW create music with a great sense of realism, with a good balance between transparency and timbre. Excellent ratio of sound performance to cost !

Undoubtedly ,these will find your rightful place along with Jupiter and Jantzen, which , however are much more expensive. WEET Capacitors, Highly recommended !

--- From Alex Tsoupikov, Italy

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