WEET WMW Pure Copper Foil Capacitor Cross to Audyn True Copper Cap in Great Promotion

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Firstly, we share some customer’s feedback about WEET WMW Pure Copper Foil Capacitor.

All in all, excellent product, well made and very happy thus far with the sound quality.The WEET Pure Copper Cap is very suitable for audio individual instruments. Very nice and coherent sounding with rich natural harmonics. The WEET Pure Copper Capacitor has a perfect balance between warmth and detail. The amount of detail and spatial information lets you hear the acoustics of the recording venue well.

You may be familiar with above testing review of Pure Copper Capacitor, which is true, because Audyn True Copper Cap and Jantzen Audio Amber Z-Cap are the same sound quality with WEET WMW Pure Copper Foil Capacitor. If you doubt about it, you should have a try and hear by yourself.

But considering of these European brands price, there is very small amount of customer who will be buyers. However, in the terms of price, WEET absolutely win. In order to compete with them and earn more market shares, WEET decided to do non-profit project for a period. From June to August, all the customers will enjoy 10% discount of the original price for WMW Pure Copper Foil Capacitor. First come, first served.




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